Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (AHIMA CHTS)

What is an AHIMA CHTS?

As the today’s market moves toward industry-wide adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a shortage of about 50,000 qualified health IT workers to address the needs of hospitals and healthcare affiliates. The Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS) competency exams allow professionals and employers to take advantage on new technologies, procedures and careers.

The CHTS exam evaluates the competency of individuals who are looking to execute proficiency in certain health IT workforce roles relevant to the establishment and management of electronic health information. The CHTS exam evaluates the competency of health IT professionals to perform several duties efficiently, such as:

  • Evaluate workflows
  • Select hardware and software
  • Perform and operate with vendors
  • Install and test systems
  • Detect and diagnose IT problems
  • Train practice staff on systems

What is the value of CHTS to Health IT Professionals?

Because of the continuous advancements in technology, qualified technical support and management professionals will be in demand across hospitals, clinics and other healthcare infrastructures.

CHTS competency exams ensure that a competent workforce is ready to effectively implement and manage the use of electronic health records. CHTS certificate holders demonstrate proficiency and competence, verifying a readiness to take on new opportunities in an expanding market.

The CHTS is considered as a long-term validation of healthcare and IT skills—the foundation of a successful health IT career.

What is the value of CHTS to the employers?

As a fact, electronic health records helps in the development of safe, efficient, and high quality of patient care. This will leave a considerable need for qualified individuals to support installing, using and maintaining EHRs.
CHTS competency exam will evaluate an individual’s proficiency in various healthcare IT roles. The exam will determine if a candidate is qualified to support any EHR transition efforts.

Some of the common CHTS exam candidates will be individuals who are:

  • Educated
  • Experienced healthcare or IT professionals
  • Looking to broaden their career paths by leading the new wave of EHR implementation and management
  • Dedicated to learn and succeed

Individuals who successfully pass the CHTS are health IT-competent and ready to implement or manage any of your healthcare facility’s EHR activities.

To employers, the CHTS exams can also help in gauging the health information technology (IT) competency levels of your existing staff or as a pre-employment assessment. You can use this information as a tool to identify training opportunities or discover gaps in employee proficiency to make improvements in your organization.

What is the kind or nature of exam for CHTS?

The CHTS exams are given with six separate domains. Each of these domains pertains to a specific HIT workforce role instrumental in the development of achieving meaningful use of HER systems. The six domains are the following:

  • Clinician/Practitioner Consultant
  • Implementation Manager
  • Implementation Support Specialist
  • Practice Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist
  • Technical/Software Support Staff
  • Trainer

AHIMA CHTS exams consist of 125 multiple choice questions. Examinees are given 3 hours (180 minutes) to finish. The current passing scaled score for all CHTS exams is 500 out of 600. A scaled score is a mathematical conversion of a raw score (number of questions answered correctly). The scaled score is determined by converting the number of questions answered correctly to a scaled score ranging from 300-600. To be able to pass the CHTS exam, candidates need a minimum scaled score of 500. Score reports will clearly indicate whether the candidate passed or failed the exam, as well as indicate the candidate’s scaled score. Candidates will also receive a percentage breakdown of how they scored in each domain (content area) on the exam. Those who pass the exam will also receive a printed certificate along with their score report.

Is there any retake policy?

Candidates who were not able to pass the exam must wait a minimum of 45 days before testing again.


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