Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (ASQ CMQ & OE)

What is the role of a CMQ/OE in an organization?
The Certified Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) is a professional who supervises and promotes enhancement leadership in small organizations or multinational businesses that can have national or global focus in a diversified industrial services and settings. A CMQ/OE administers and supervises team efforts to develop and assess customer or supplier relations, promotes strategic design planning and execution actions, and assists advance measurement systems to classify organizational enhancements. The professional should be able to motivate and assess team staffs, monitor projects and human resources, identify financial challenges, pinpoint and assess risk, and execute knowledge management tools and methods in providing proactive solutions to organizational challenges.

CMQ/OE Certification Requirements
The CMQ/OE Certification is not offered to anyone; candidates must possess several requirements prior to taking its respective exam. The candidate must have acquired the following years of On-the-Job Experience in one or more of the areas of the Certified Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence Body of Knowledge:

According to your educational level,

  • Diploma – 9 years
  • Associate degree – 8 years
  • Bachelor’s degree – 6 years
  • Master’s degree – 5 years
  • Doctorate’s degree – 5 years

There is a minimum experience of 5 years required to be in a decision-making position. This may or may not include management or supervisory positions.

How can you apply for the exam?

To interested candidates, MITS will offer thorough guidance to in applying for ASQ membership, examination and re-certification for your convenience: In applying for CMQ/OE Certification exam, you need to be registered with American Society for Quality to begin the entire procedure. Apply for ASQ Membership and fill-out the CMQ/OE Exam application online form completely. Once your online application has been submitted, ASQ will then review all of your documents and inform you with the further steps.

What kind of examination is involved to acquire a certificate?

Each certification candidate is obliged to submit and pass the written examination that consists of multiple-choice questions that helps in measuring the candidate’s comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. The Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence examination is a four-hour, two-part examination, with 150 multiple-choice questions and 2 constructed response questions (essay form). The 150 multiple-choice part of the exam covers 3 hours and 15 minutes, while the essay portion (constructed response) is 45 minutes. The examination is offered in English language only.

Examinations for CMQ/OE are held twice a year, in March and October, by local ASQ sections and international organizations. All examinations are offered in open-book procedures, thus it is highly required for each participants to bring his or her own reference materials.

How can you maintain your CMQ/OE Certification?
As an ASQ-certified quality professional, the reason why you need to re-certify is to maintain the same level of your knowledge that is originally displayed when you passed the written examination. So if you already possess a CMQ/OE Certification, then you need to maintain the honor of your Quality Engineer certification by recertifying every three years (an ASQ requirement). There are two ways to recertify. (1) First is the recertification journal. You need to acquire a minimum of 18 re-certification units (RUs) during the entire duration of your three-year certification period. You may document them in your recertification journal. (2) The second option is to take the examination. This is required if your certification has expired and elapsed the six-month grace period.


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