Java SE 8 Programmer

What is Java 8?

With the continuous evolution of technology, the IT industry has to keep up to such emergence – and thus, the creation of Java 8. Java 8 is the latest release by far from Java that contains several fresh features, improvements and bug fixes to enhance efficiency in the development and operation of Java programs. Below is a summarized list of the enhancements seen in Java 8 release:

  • Lambda Expression and Virtual Extension Methods
    *Features the establishment of Lambda expressions and supporting highlights to the Java programming language and platform.
  • Date and Time API
    *Features an easier way for developers to handle date and time in a more natural and clearer method of understanding.
  • Nashhorn JavaScript Engine
    *Featured as a new lightweight, high performance development of JavaScript engine, integrated to JDk and made available to Java applications via existing APIs.
  • Improved Security
    *Features a more accurate identification on list of caller sensitive methods and allows callers to be discovered reliably.

The new release of Java is first designed to be available to developers to provide adequate time for testing and certification before being made available on the Java website for future download processes for end users.

What is with Java 8 examination?

The exam on Java 8 certification does not vary a lot from the older Java versions. But given with the several fresh features associated in Java 8, the inclusion of some new topics such as new Date and Time API, String joining functionality, and Lambda expressions and functional interface can be expected on the said exam.

What is the kind of exam associated to Java SE 8 certification?

To earn the Java SE 8 certification, you need to take the Oracle Certification Exam 1ZO-808. The exam has 77 questions, presented in multiple choices, which have to be completed within 150 minutes. To be able to pass this exam, you need to have an average percentage of 65% and higher.

Why do you need to certify?

There are many reasons why you need to certify as a Java 8 Programmer, such as:

  1. Increased Earning Potential
    Certified individuals usually earn more income compared to non-certified workers. According to a report conducted by Foote Partners, the pay for Certified Java Programmers rose 13.5% over the first three months of 2009. With the increasing demand for certified professionals in today’s industries, their potential earnings must’ve climbed higher for 2015.
  2. Hiring Advantages Over Non-Certified Professionals
    In today’s cutthroat market, a Java certification can help you stand out from non-certified candidates in an instant. Having a certificate increases your value as a professional as it validates your skills and expertise. Recruiters often look for individuals with Java credentials. According to a recent survey done by CompTIA, “eight out of ten human resources (HR) professionals surveyed believe that IT certifications will grow in usefulness and importance over the next two years.”
  3. One of the Most Highly Recognized Certifications in the IT Industry
    Java continues to top the list of most recognized certifications in the industry. Oracle offers a comprehensive certification path for Java – from an Associate level to Master level. So whether you are starting to get to know Java or have many years of experience with Java, you can validate your skills by earning a Java certification.
  4. Round Out Your Skill Set
    Attending training courses for Java certification does not only help you prepare for your exam. It can also mold you in becoming a better programmer or developer. Preparing for a certification is a great way to hone what you already know and do every day, while learning some new set of information and skills. With MITS’ careful integration of knowledge and skills in Java, you can expect to round out your skill set.
  5. Networking and Exclusive Community Advantages
    By attending MITS’ training program, you can engage with others who share the same interests with you. People are great resources when you are looking for support on something in the future. This network can be very useful along the way on your career. And as a certified professional, you will be given a special access to Oracle’s exclusive LinkedIn communities so you can engage more with other certified individuals.
  6. Increased Performance
    A study done by IDC showed that a Java certification has a positive impact on the improvement of an organization’s daily operations.

    • A team with 50% of team members certified on important Java technologies and processes executes services at the top tier of operational performance.
    • When more than 50% of the team is certified, the team performance improves significantly.
    • When a team has 50% of certified members, performance application can improve by more than 40%.

    Thus, it can be clearly stated that rigorous training, and ultimately certification, is critical to the improvement on the overall IT performance.

  7. Boost Your Confidence as a Professional
    With a credential like this, you get to feel a level above anyone else. With your confidence and pride on your credentials, this will ultimately be reflected on your work performance!

How can you prepare for Java SE 8 Certification?

Oracle recommends Java SE 8 Fundamentals training to equip participants with their needed set of learning experience for their exam. Learning the concepts, principles, tools and techniques of Java on your own is not an easy task. You need to be properly guided by an expert to optimize your exam preparation. MITS offers a training program for individuals who wish to earn the Java SE 8 certification.


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