Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS 2013)

What is a MOS certification?

Microsoft Office software is not just applied in education; it is as well involved in all business, technical, and professional jobs. It is considered a must-have tool for small business and entrepreneurs. Over two million Microsoft Office Specialist certificates have been issued, and Microsoft currently grants approximately 38,000 certificates per month.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a comprehensive, performance-based certification program approved by Microsoft to validate desktop computer skills for organizations using Microsoft Office 2013 suites of desktop applications. MOS certification is considered as a fundamental level qualification designed to validate globally standard skill sets necessary to drive efficacy and efficiency in daily work production in an organization.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams use real applications to provide the most authentic assessment of a participant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. MITS’ course program offers performance-based testing, utilizing specialized examination software while simultaneously running the actual Office programs. With the internationally acknowledged Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, you can validate your skills with ease. Whether you’re looking for the ideal job, seeking to bring an edge in your present career, or pursuing academic goals, the MOS certification validates your skills, demonstrates your abilities, and gives you the advantage needed to advance in today’s highly competitive academic and professional market. Qualified individuals are sure to enjoy several benefits, such as formal recognition of their skills, increased potential for higher earnings and an average of 20% improvement in productivity.

MITS’ training course is especially crafted to meet candidate’s specific needs as it is also offered in individual courses for each of the software covered under MOS certification.
Why do you need to certify?

The fundamental purpose of any professional certification program is to offer an independent, dependable assessment of the knowledge and skills comprehension required for having an edge in performing a professional role. This assessment, like any other, is typically accomplished by the successful completion of the given examination.

How can you prepare for a MOS certification exam?

Like any other certification exams, you need to attend a training course to guide and prepare you in taking the MOS certification exam. MITS offers a training course for the same purpose. With our rigorous training, exercises, activities, and engaging lectures, we provide all necessary required knowledge and skills to make you earn that certificate.

What is the exam format?

Exams are primarily performance-based and conducted in a simulated environment. For candidates taking the exam for MOS 2013, it usually covers several aspects, including having a project to build, with tasks and steps that build on each other.

How is the MOS 2013 format different from previous MOS exams? 

The MOS 2013 is featured as the newest certification exam. Its predecessors, MOS 2010 and other earlier versions, provide a variety of brief tasks to complete using Office application tools and functions. The new exam format for MOS 2013 presents a short project that the candidate must complete, using the specifications provided. This creates a real-world evaluation experience for candidates.

How long does a typical exam take? 

Candidates are typically given 90 minutes to finish and complete the given exam.

Where can I take a MOS exam? 

All Microsoft Office Specialist exams are administered by Certiport.

Are MOS exams available in different languages? 

Microsoft offers localized exams for the MOS certification. Exams may be given in English, Spanish, French, and so on. However, MITS’ trainings are done in English.

Where can I find my exam results? 

Exam results are given immediately after you have finished the exam as it will be displayed on your screen. To successful participants, they will receive an official certificate within approximately two to three weeks through mail.


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