Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Are you working as a Project Manager or is interested in getting into the Project Management field?

Having a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certificate can instantly bring an edge to your career in today’s cutthroat industry. PMP® credentials certify your competence in knowledge and skills in the scope of Project Management coursework. It highlights your credibility in understanding and defining business expectations, identifying and providing project status measurements and leading strategic empowerment across several business aspects.

Management and Information Technology Solutions (MITS) can actively help you acquire and secure your career by obtaining the certification in Project Management or becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)®. We offer a preparation course to individuals who wish to take the PMP® Certification exam. We use innovative techniques and a comprehensive curriculum to help you successfully pass the certification exams. Moreover, our Project Management course program will also offer participants the Project Management education hours required by PMI® for obtaining such credentials.

PMP® Certification Eligibility Criteria

Not all individuals can readily get access to becoming a certified Project Management Professional. The eligibility criteria have to be followed prior to applying for PMP® certification. He or she must meet the needs of both educational and experimental requirements such as:

  • At the time of the application process, the candidate must hold a Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s) degree or its equivalent in a university and has a minimum of 4,500 hours of project management experience within the five process groups (Initiation, Planning, Controlling, Execution, and Closing)
  • On the Experience Verification Form(s), the number of hours must total in at least 4,500 hours and the project dates must show that the candidate has at least three years of project management experience during the six-year period before the application process.
  • The candidate must indicate at least 36 unique (non-overlapping) months of project management experience on the Experience Verification Form(s) to meet the three-year requirement.
  • The candidate who wishes to apply for the PMP® certification exam will also be required to submit proof for a minimum of 35 hours of project management education. He or she will be asked to list the course names, institutions, dates, and hours for each project management class submitted.

PMP® application form process schedule

It takes 5 days for PMI® to review online PMP® forms, 10 days to re-evaluate paper PMP® forms submitted by the interested individual, and 20 days to re-evaluate paper PMP® forms submitted by the organizations.

PMP® procedures in getting the certificate

To become PMP® certified, candidates need to submit PMP® application online or get a printable application form from PMI® reviews the application and candidates need to submit PMI® audit materials including supporting documents once their application is accepted within 90 days. They can then attend the exam and the name of passed candidates is displayed on the PMI® website within a few days. The PMP® certificate is delivered to you within 4 weeks.

PMP® Certification Exam

The PMP® Certification Exam is conducted and lead by the PMI® Institute. Professional candidates require 35 hours of professional training in order to apply for the PMP® exam. Examination fees of $405 for PMI® members and $555 for non-members have to be secured. For re-examiners, a fee of $275 for PMI® members and $375 for non-members are applied.

PMP® Certificate validity

A PMP® certification is valid for 3 years. You need to re-certify before its elapsing on its due date.


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