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In an ITIL certification program, ITIL Foundation is the first certification that individuals can obtain. ITIL Foundation is an entry-level certification that provides eligibility to individuals that have demonstrated a specific level of knowledge about terms, processes, and other aspects of ITIL. Because an ITIL Foundation offers the core inputs in ITIL, it is intended as a framework to set the stage and prepare the individual for higher-level ITIL certifications.

Why Pursue ITIL FOUNDATION Certification?

Today’s industry has given importance to professional certifications, and as such, has grown significantly in lieu with increased development of the different areas covered in the Information Technology field. ITIL, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of best practices designed to define common approach methods that organizations can use to their respective daily operations as executed by Information Technology organizations. The current version of ITIL provides a series of professional certifications designed to attest to an individual’s level of capability in specific aspects that ITIL covers, or to determine an individual’s level of capability in the overall set of ITIL methods and techniques.

And as with many professional certifications, building a precise value to both organizations and professionals for earning a credential is a challenging task to measure. More so, it is believed that there is some combination of both tangible and intangible factors that makes certification a great investment of time and money for both businesses and professionals. Thus, earning a certificate in ITIL Foundation will bring an edge not just to your career, but also to your organization as well. It will highlight your credibility as a professional, and in turn, makes you ready to obtain higher certificated in ITIL as well.

Who Is Qualified for an ITIL Foundation Certification?

An ITIL Foundation certification qualification is primarily aimed to anyone who is interested or is required to gain basic understanding of the ITIL framework. It is also given to those who need thorough understanding of how ITIL can be applied to improve IT service management in an organization’s daily work processes. IT professionals or other individuals who are working within an organization and have learned and applied ITIL insights and who are in need of further information, contribution and ongoing service enhancements are qualified to apply and obtain the ITIL Foundation certificate.

Moreover, the ITIL Foundation level qualification is available to and can benefit anyone who has obtained general interest in the subject. To ITIL Foundation certification holders, they are likely to require advanced guidance prior to the application of the ITIL practices for Service Management to professional projects or situations.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become an ITIL Foundation Certified?

To participants, you are only required to pass a single exam before becoming an ITIL Foundation certified. The number of the exam can be different, and such exams include:

  • EXIN – EXO-101
  • BCS/ISEB – BHO-012

Participants should take note that the ITIL Foundation training is recommended BUT is not a prerequisite.

Format of the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam:

Participants must answer 40 multiple-choice questions and they have only one hour to complete the said exam.

How to Renew Your ITIL Foundation Certification:

Having a certification is a lifelong validation to your credentials, but it is based on the actual version of the exam (v3). In renewing an ITIL Foundation certificate, you must pass the actual version of the ITIL Foundation exam.


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