Certified Quality Engineer (ASQ CQE)

How to Obtain Quality Engineer Certification?

Whether you are a proficient IT professional or just fresh from college and searching for a job, it is an added value when you obtain quality assurance certification. When you include it in your resume, you can likely gain recognition in your future employment. This certification can help advance your career than just by merely having a bachelor’s degree alone. It is said that in many industries, the certification will provide companies with high quality products that are ready for selling to customers. If you want to enrol in this course, you need to choose a great institution that provides quality training. Count on Management and Information Technology Solutions (MITS) to provide you with practical hands-on training for quality engineer to make you proficient in your future career.

To be certified, you need to undergo a recognized certification program to build your career. The course involves various global standards to improve efficiency and professional talent of each individual. After you successfully complete the program, you feel confident you get the equivalent years of experience that most engineers need. Whichever quality matters, you will need to be certified to tackle the situation with high standard of training.

How to Qualify for the Training

Candidates with diploma for aerospace engineering, aircraft maintenance, aviation, civil, instrumentation, marine, mechanical, and production can join the course offered by MITS. This course is specifically designed for fresh diploma holders to prepare them for a higher professional position in lesser time. The syllabus includes different subjects to make candidates a certified professional and will be recognized globally.

The course describes topics like drawings, industries specialization, material technology, quality control, welding engineering, welding inspection, various codes and standards, and many more. A certified quality engineer will include various specialization in industries like aerospace, defence, marine, oil field, petrochemical, pressure equipment and more. Interested candidates will just need to choose their options to register.

The Nature of the Course

MITS certification program will only take some months of intensive training with seven to eight hours of daily timing. If you are searching for fast track training program, the training can cover in days while spending twelve hours on a daily basis. Interested candidates will just have to choose their own selected schedules.

MITS course is approved by different international companies and inspection agencies all over the world. The certification is valid or accepted globally, which provides the candidate a job to work as a quality engineer. If interested in taking up this course, consider checking out the MITS website for information.

Why Select MITS?

For those members of multi-national companies taking up the classes, the training program can offer international faculties that meet the global standards and requirements. They provide high quality testing materials, software, and information, which prove to be beneficial for taking up this course. Students learn a handful of assets when joining the classes. They can also be provided with international placements, which really depend on their performance and the opportunities following the training. In a way, they are prepared for practical hands-on to be able to handle complicated tasks with ease.

Admission to the Course

When you opt for a quality engineer training, ensure that you register fast as it comes on a first come first serve basis. If you want a large group to join the sessions, MITS can provide special classes to accommodate everyone. All students are required to bring scientific calculators to class. The institution also provides study materials to serve as a guide once the training is ongoing. All students need to submit Vision Certificate duly certified by a registered ophthalmologist recognized by MITS.


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