Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)

What is the CMAA?
The Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) is a nationally recognized certification for Medical Administrative Assistants. It displays your ability to perform routine administrative tasks in a physicians’ office or clinic to keep it running   efficiently. Medical Administrative Assistants are also known as Medical Office Secretaries and Medical Office Assistants. 

Do you have to become certified?
The fundamental purpose of any professional certification program is to offer an independent, dependable assessment of the knowledge and skills comprehension required for having an edge in performing a professional role. This assessment, like any other, is typically accomplished by the successful completion of the given examination.

How much does it cost?
The CMAA is only offered through the National Health Career Association (NHA). They administer their tests at testing centers throughout the U.S. The current price to take it is $105.

Where can I take the CMAA Exam?
The NHA uses PSI Testing Centers to administer the CMAA exam.

What does the exam cover?
The CMAA covers Working as a Medical Administrative Assistant, Healthcare Structure and Organization, Medical Law and Ethics, Healthcare Documentation, Exploring Healthcare Reimbursement, Medical Office Procedures, Medical Office Management, and Practice Finances.

Do I need additional study material?
Like any other certification exams, you need to attend a training course to guide and prepare you in taking the CMAA certification exam. MITS offers a training course for the same purpose. With our rigorous training, exercises, activities, and engaging lectures, we provide all necessary required knowledge and skills to make you earn that certificate.

What is the format of the CMAA Exam?
The final exam consists of 110 multiple choice questions. Examinees are allowed one hour and fifty minutes to take the exam. The basic breakdown of the exam is 20 items covering risk management, 30 items covering financial procedures, and 50 items covering office procedures.

How is the CMAA Exam scored?
The questions in the exam are weighted, meaning some questions are worth more points than others. You must score 390 or better to pass the exam.


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