Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ CSSBB)

Why Pursue Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

If you want to be successful in your professional life, you need to undergo high quality courses like a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Six Sigma are strategies and tools that measure the quality of an existing process within an organization. It helps improve the totality of the business by minimizing if not eliminating the many different errors that exist within them. Management and Information Technology Solutions or MITS brings to you the different solutions for your business, which can include Black Belt certification, Green Belt certification, and more. You will just have to determine what is required by your company, so you make your business boom.

Who Is Qualified for Our Black Belt Certification?

If you want to know who should attend our training, these should include highly potential managers who want a broader business expertise in order to furnish high level decision-makings in more responsible positions. It will also include technical professionals and experts that make the transitions into management positions. It will also include entrepreneurs who need access to proven management expertise and drive the business towards success. Also these will include those who are considering or preparing for a MBA program.

Our certified Black Belts are masters of the language of Six Sigma trainings. They have undergone and passed Green Belts certification, and want to move onwards to a higher level.

Our Black Belt holders have typically completed a number of weeks or hours of extensive Six Sigma trainings. They have demonstrated a mastery of the subject matter by completing a minimum of two projects and an exam with passing average of 80%. If they can’t comply with the two projects, they are required to complete one project and must have three years of previous work experience in any areas within the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. They aim to coach Green Belts and receive coaching and support from Master Black Belts. It is generally expected that these Black belt holders will move to the highest level after 18 months or three years of completing their assignments.

Responsibilities of Black Belt Holders

It is expected that our Black Belt holders have the abilities to explain tools, systems, principles, and philosophies, that identify the impact on various business processes. One need to understand the chain of leaderships and the many different roles with their responsibilities. Also they have to define benchmarks and learn different financial ways to measure business performance.

Our Black Belts can cross-examine customer comments and complaints to achieve a better overall experience. They have to learn the basic methods, processes, probabilities and distributions. They will also have to undergo testing to provide meaning to the different terms and processes that make them a full-pledged Six Sigma Black Belt holder.

The testing is designed to prepare the holder for essential roles in the Six Sigma infrastructure as a business resource and team leader. Lower level employees, otherwise the Green Belt holders will have to rely on the knowledge provided by designated Black Belts. How responsibilities are executed will contribute towards success or failure of the Six Sigma implementation within a business.

How to Get Our Black Belt Certification Online?

Many professionals understand the value of having this certification for their business. However, they have delayed pursuing the course due to difficulty in fitting in the trainings to their work schedules. This is probably the reason why MITS has developed extensive online training and certification programs to provide them with Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt and more. Our online school has developed various courses that will make electronic learning an easy and fun experience. You will just need to find our website and know the details of availing our training.


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality training in Information Technology at a very reasonable cost.


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