Comprehensive Medical Assistant


In this training program, prerequisite for ALL classes would include High School diploma or GED.


With the advancements in today’s healthcare industry, healthcare related jobs continue to gain demand, and among of these is the role of a Comprehensive Medical Assistant. As a medical assistant, there are several duties that you have to perform, with opportunities to work directly with patients and help with their care and well-being. If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in this rewarding field, MITS’ comprehensive medical assistant program can help and guide you obtain the relevant experience and skills needed to become a qualified candidate. At Management & Information Technology Solutions, we look forward to prepare you with the required clinical and administrative knowledge and skills to seek various entry-level positions.

MITS’ comprehensive medical assistant program is designed to provide participants a comprehensive curriculum integrated with rigorous hands-on training on equipment typically used in a medical setting. With our wide array of topics offered, we can train you to effectively execute specific duties such as helping the supervising physician in administering injections, taking and monitoring vital signs, documenting EKG results, assisting in minor surgical procedures, working on basic accounting procedures, and recognizing the fundamentals of charting and documentation. MITS also employs the use of exercises and case studies involving real-world settings to further improve your career-based training with us.

MITS’ Comprehensive Medical Assistant Program Features

MITS’ program provides thorough instruction approach to help participants effectively adopt and adapt on the relevant knowledge and skills to further their career in the medical field:

  • Clinical course instruction
  • Administrative course instruction
  • Hands-on training with real-work medical equipment
  • Practicum
  • Situational exercises

Potential Medical Assistant Career Opportunities

Successful participants in this program may readily pursue these entry-level positions, or associated positions, in a doctor’s office, clinic, or other healthcare facility:

  • Medical assistant
  • Clinical laboratory aide
  • Hospital donor unit assistant
  • Blood or plasma laboratory assistant
  • Blood Bank donor unit assistant
  • Front office assistant administrator
  • Back office assistance administrator
  • Back office laboratory assistant


Core Courses included in this curriculum are as follows:

  • Medical terminologies
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Phlebotomy
  • CPR techniques and other Medical Emergencies
  • Exam Room Procedures
  • Clinical Laboratory Procedures
    This course topic is designed to provide participants detailed information to healthcare’s history, practices, laws and ethics. It also involves proper understanding on how to communicate effectively and how to function efficiently in the medical setting. Through this topic, participants will be prepared for any job in the healthcare field.
    This course topic is designed to provide participants a working knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as gain insight on the proper spelling and pronunciation of common medical terms. This subject will enhance participant’s ability to communicate in the healthcare setting – an important factor to anyone who works in the healthcare field.
    This course topic is designed for participants to better understand, analyze and execute on reasons and concepts behind daily activities and managerial duties as a medical assistant.
    This course topic is designed for participants to better understand, analyze and execute on reasons and concepts behind daily activities and clinical duties as a medical assistant. In this subject matter, a prerequisite is required to be able to take this lesson – Lesson 1: Introduction to Healthcare and Lesson 2: Comprehensive Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology.
    This course topic encompasses delivering professionalism in the field, producing cover letter and writing a well-structured resume. It also includes tips and hints on how to effectively search a job. Participants are required to take this lesson, being the last subject prior to qualifying for internship.
    After successfully completing the above mentioned lessons in this program, participants are now qualified for an Internship. He or she will be accepted, through a personal interview, into a Doctor’s clinic or Medical Clinic office.


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