Oracle 12 C DBA

In MITS, our Oracle 12c DBA Training Course will help participants tap, adopt and adapt to the most influential databases in the world today – the Oracle Database. We provide participants with a thorough opportunity in understanding the usage, development and management of such Database Management System (DBMS). Through this, we can be confident that participants will finish the course, earn the certificate and apply their learned skills to their job more fluently.


  • A required prerequisite involves the working knowledge of SQL and use of PL or SQL packages.
  • A suggested prerequisite involves the basic knowledge of Linux operating system.


Individuals who work as Database Administrators (DBAs) have several key responsibilities such as handling the design, establishing, supporting and maintaining computerized databases in today’s organizations. Their role in the industry also includes architecting, building and scaling databases for future data growth and capacity. They are also responsible in promoting security, work performance and availability of data to end users and customers.

These are the tasks associated with Database Administrators and they are performed through the help of a Database Management System (DBMS). Today’s leading and most commonly used DBMS across the world are the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL database and so much more. But out of the many available databases, the Oracle Database is hailed as the most popular and most widely used technology in many industries.


  • Check and control the database
  • Manage database performance
  • Implement and establish database auditing
  • Construct the database instance
  • Ensure proper allocation of resources during sessions and tasks
  • Schedule jobs to apply inside or outside of the database
  • Construct Oracle net services
  • Construct backup and recovery operations for the database
  • Define Oracle database architecture
  • Administer the Oracle database instance
  • Administer Oracle database storage structure
  • Produce and manage user accounts


  • Introduction to Database Management System (DBMS) and databases
  • Relational database model and installing Oracle database software
  • Oracle database architecture
  • Database storage
  • Oracle networking
  • User administration and security
  • Used managed (manual) backup and recovery
  • RMAN backup and recover
  • Oracle database upgrades
  • Oracle 12c database creation (non-CDB) and new features
  • Oracle 12c’s multitenant architecture
  • Oracle utilities
  • Performance tuning
  • Real world life of an Oracle DBA
  • Oracle 12c ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Oracle Database High Availability (RAC, DataGuard)


MITS’ Oracle Database 12c DBA training course allows participants to fully understand the usage, development and management of the Oracle database and its architecture. With our expert instruction and hands-on demonstrations, we provide participants with a real world experience with the database. By allowing hands-on exercises to reinforce their learning, they will develop in demand skills to have better efficacy in managing an Oracle Database.

Participants will be properly equipped with the knowledge regarding the effective manner in managing an Oracle database Instance, configuring the Oracle Network Environment and operating database maintenance.

  • Produce and administer an Oracle database Instance
  • Produce and administer Storage structures
  • Configure the Oracle Network Environment
  • Produce and administer users
  • Monitor the database
  • Administer database performance
  • Operate backup and recovery techniques
  • Update your Oracle database software
  • Make use of Oracle Support Workbench and My Oracle Support


With our training course, participants will gain an edge to their career as they reap the many benefits from it:

  • Maximize database workloads
  • Decrease IT costs
  • Improve quality of service
  • Allow consolidation onto database clouds
  • Secure an easy way to manage performance
  • Ensure reliability and up-to-date daily performance


Our Oracle 12c DBA course is offered to the following individuals:

  • Data Administrators
  • Data Designers
  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator

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