Oracle Apps


Oracle Apps is an aggregate of applications that focuses on accounts payables, account receivables, purchasing and inventory, human resources, order management, fixed assets, general ledger, and so much more. Such bunch of collected applications performs several functionalities to serve organizations smoothly.

MITS offers the highest quality of Oracle Apps Technical training program designed to give individuals their needed knowledge and skills to operate, manage and support several related applications and deliver responsive outputs to their work processes in an organization. We deliver a wide array of portfolio of education services and provide conceptual training on Oracle Apps course program. Our coursework is spearheaded by our expert instructor whose passion and enthusiasm in helping participants bring an edge to their career roles continues to deliver exceeding outputs. We provide participants with a rich and rigorous learning experience through incorporating engaging lectures, hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios.


  1. Overview: ERP
    • Definition of ERP
    • Introduction to the popular ERP’s
    • Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP’s
    • Differentiate various kinds of roles
    • Differentiate various kinds of projects
    • Standards of AIM documentation
    • The Oracle Application Architecture
    • Database Architecture of OA
    • Application of TOAD
  2. Application Object Library
    • Creating application of Users
    • WHO columns
    • Creating responsibilities
    • Construction of Menu
    • Construction of Request groups
  3. Application Development
    • Defining concurrent program
    • Concurrent programs with parameters
    • Developing with multiple concurrent programs
    • Organizing the concurrent program
    • Incompatibilities associated in concurrent programs
    • Building Request set
    • Procedure registration
    • Value sets
  4. Reporting of Registration
    • Report development
    • Report registration
    • Report registration using parameters
    • Reports using repeating frames
  5. Overview on Modules
    • Inventory module flow with base tables
    • Accounts Payable module flow with base tables
    • Accounts Receivable module flow with base tables
    • Order Management module flow with base tables
  6. Registration of Forms
    • Appstand.fmb
    • Template.fmb
    • Custom.Pll
    • Template form development
    • Concepts and process on form customization
    • Application of Zoom_available( )
    • Application of procedure Event( )
  7. Introduction to Interfaces
    • Introduction to Outbound interfaces
    • Application of UTL_FILE package
    • Introduction to Inbound interfaces
    • Application SQL Loader tool
  8. Introduction to Conversions
    • General concepts on conversions
    • Difference between Interfaces and Conversions
    • Operating with staging table script
    • Executing validations package
    • Conversions standards and protocols
  9. Flex Fields
    • Determine several types of Flex Fields
    • Differentiate Descriptive Flex Fields and Key Flex Fields
  10. Introduction to Workflows
    • Workflow: Concepts and Principles
    • Workflow builder
    • Workflow attributes
    • Building process schemes
    • Sending notifications using workflows
  11. Introduction to XML Publisher
    • XML Publisher: Concepts and Principles
    • Producing XML file using reports
    • Creating templates
    • Creating data definitions
  12. Introduction to Discoverer
    • The Discoverer tool, concepts and techniques
    • Definition to Discoverer Administrator
    • Creating EUL
    • Creating Business Areas
    • The Discoverer Desktop
    • Creating work books


MITS’ Oracle Apps training course is offered to the following individuals:

  • Data Administrators
  • Data Designers
  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator

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