SDLC with J2EE

SDLC with J2EE training course in MITS will allow participants to readily take control on the power of the network since we offer it in both programming language and a selection of specialized platform. It standardizes the production and usage of a secured, mobile and flexible applications required by the networked industry. Moreover, we provide consistency on our wide array of supported standards that are critical to an organization’s growth and achievement as the Internet and World Wide Web’s impacts on new business development continue to increase.

Systems are developed to solve problems. Most people think that system approach is an organized way of providing solution to a problem. With MITS’ SDLC with J2EE course training, we will walk you through each cycle phase that is very essential in developing high quality software, integrating processes with Java.


Knowledge in software and databases, programming and web developing is an advantage.


What is SDLC and why is it needed in the industry?

SDLC, which stands for Software Development Life Cycle, is the process according to which software development has to go through various phases that include analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance and feasibility study. It considered as the established way of Software Development. It is recommended to document the mapping requirement to its coding, including the monitoring of its design process to understand and define the requirement clearly prior to proceeding with development. Following SDLC process is the improvement of organizational productivity, elimination of bugs and reduction of maintenance effort.

What is J2EE and why is it needed in the industry?

The Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a software-only platform that runs on top of other hardware-based platforms. Because hardware-based platforms are diversified in their memory, storage, network connection, and computing power capabilities, knowledge in J2EE is important to meet application development for and usage to those diverse environments.

Our SDLC with J2EE training program allows participants to have a clearer understanding on the several, distinct phases of SDLC and creating different documents for each phase for a given requirement. We will emphasize the reason why learners have to prepare each document, its importance and the reason of increasing productivity and minimizing bugs and maintenance efforts. Aside from this, participants will be guided in incorporating the J2EE system in every cycle, developing software in a formal and professional way.


  • Introduction to SDLC and its stages
  • SDLC Overview
  • SDLC Waterfall model
  • SDLC Iterative model
  • SDLC Spiral model
  • SDLC V-Model
  • SDLC RAD Model
  • SQL Server
  • Core JAVA
  • Web application technologies
  • Advanced JAVA web application technologies
  • Servlets
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Struts
  • RMI and EJB
  • Hibernate and Spring
  • AJAX and Web services
  • Aptitude skills
  • Soft skills

MITS offers SDLC with J2EE training course to the following individuals:

  • Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Web developers
  • Scrum Master and Manager
  • Database Developer
  • QA Administrators
  • Business Analysts

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