Three Tier Client Server Architecture SOA

There are no prerequisites involved in this course. But prior to attending the training program offered by MITS, there are certain recommendations that can foster a more efficient learning process as we go along the entire coursework. These would include the following:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PhP
  • MySQL

This course program is designed to help participants learn how to build mobile web applications with the use of a three-tier architecture approach. MITS offers this coursework with a guided integration of participants to the scope of the course’s tools and practices. Learning will be generously facilitated by providing them with lots of opportunities to design and build their own mobile application and going through code and materials step by step and interpreting important concepts. We will provide helpful reference materials to each participant, such as specific learning guides, to deliver an effective method in elaborating information and details presented in each topic.

Building a Mobile HTML5 page 
MVC Three-Tier Architecture 
Building the Model and Controller 
Information Architecture 
Touching the business tier 

This course is designed to help the non-technical professionals in understanding how the Model-View-Controller pattern is established within a Three-Tier Architecture. The course also focuses on business value as built by well designed and architected technology, thus, this makes middle and senior management as the course of interest in this training program. For beginner to intermediate programmers, the information presented in this coursework will be of particular interest to their part, most especially in putting into the aspects of business value.

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